Do we really need that drink to have fun?

If you’re a long time follower of my work you know that I lovvvveeeee serving and enjoying a good drink with great company. When I’m out, ordering a round of shots is a ritual. Being at a bar can be electrifying and a fun way to engage with new people. My husband and I have been referred to as machines because we can go all night and still wake up for a 6am run. Even well into our 30’s we’re able to maintain it.

So why, if everything is so fun, easy going and working for me did I pause to question my relationship with alcohol? It started with mindfulness, I wanted to practice being more present when hanging with the people I love without the joyful intoxication of booze. A few weeks after that it turned into a challenge, how long could I go without drinking? In order to stay motivated I decided to do some research.

I remembered Chrissy Teigen mentioning “Quit Like A Woman” by Holly Whitaker on her instagram account a while back when discussing sobriety, I mentally bookmarked it and decided to revisit it.

I started with a sample of the book and immediately thought I would not be able to relate. For one, her relationship with alcohol was deeper than mine, she drank way more than I did. The talk of yoga and her career screamed privilege and lastly, alcohol really impacted her life in a negative way. I kept reading and boy am I glad I did. Holly Whitaker COMPLETELY changed my perception of alcohol and my relationship with it will never be the same.

If you’re looking to evolve and truly evaluate your relationship with alcohol I highly recommend this book. Her personal story is engagingly intertwined with statistical data, history, feminism, oh, and she uses the f word.

It’s not that I won’t ever drink again and I’m going to be sober forever, it’s that I won’t ever drink the same way again. I won’t be manipulated into thinking that it is a character trait or that it’s a requirement for a good time. Alcohol was never the ritual, my genuine excitement, the celebration, my energy and my presence was.

If you do end up reading it at some point, I’d love to hear from you! DM me and let me know what you thought!