cheaper workout leggings that work

I will keep this one short and sweet. The main difference between these leggings is the logo. 

I LOVE Lululemon, I always will but when the pandemic started and I started spending 95% of time time in athleisure wear I started to look for more cost efficient options. 

I went from paying $100 for the lululemon Align™ Pant to $30 for the CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling I High Waisted Yoga Pants. 

A coworker mentioned CRZ YOGA brand and described it as a “Lululemon dupe.” I will admit I was skeptical at first but knowing that Amazon is pretty good about letting me return unworn items I figured I had nothing to lose and immediately placed an order. I list things to watch out for below but the bottom line is: I went from paying $100 for the Lululemon Align™ Pant to $30 for the CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling I High Waisted Yoga Pants.

The only other item I’ve committed to from them is the bras. I went from paying $68 for the Lululemon Energy Bra (medium support) to paying $28 for the CRZ YOGA Women’s Medium Impact Strappy Longline.

A Closer Look

CRZ YOGA on the left compared to Lululemon on the right. Both worn, both tested.

Things to consider: 

  • The Lululemon quality is better. Not $70 worth but it is better. Most noticeable with the pockets and CRZ YOGA does not pass the squat test so if you’re in the gym dropping it low, your undies may show
  • With both leggings I always have noticed that unless I’m working out they slip a little at my waist, almost like they are sweat activated. So I find myself wetting them at the waistline to keep them up if I’m wearing them outside of a workout. I primarily workout in these so it’s not a real problem for me
  • Paddings in bras – I hate them and remove them from both 
  • Both brands have a lot of colors which I love

So there you have it all the craze about CRZ YOGA being the perfect Lululemon dupe is not far off. Davina Donkor has a dope lululemon dupe video on it on youtube. I made the switch and here are links to the exact products I purchased in case you want to too! 

I put time and energy towards researching what’s best for my family. I share the products I use and love in hopes of sparing someone else the fatigue that comes with decision making. Some of my posts may include affiliate links. In other words, after you click a link, I may earn some coffee money. I promise to use it as fuel to write more.