building a new house beginning to end

We did it! We are finally home owners! We went with a new house in a newly built community. While we were very excited about the potential to move into a brand new townhome when planning we also had our reservations about it.

New build developments have a bad reputation. There are a lot of negative reviews mentioning cheap materials and poor work. And with reason, in doing research I learned that there have been lawsuits towards new built constructions companies for mishaps. On the flip-side I also learned that this poor work ethic in the past has led to more regulations and stricter inspections today. Allowing for better quality homes to be built for newcomers.

This information put me at ease but it didn’t make my completely turn away from reviews that said things like “my dog can build a better house.” Overall I think hiring a good private inspector on-top of the city mandated inspections helped us with building the house of our dreams. Complete with peace of mind and all.

Here are a few photos from our journey! It was particularly interesting because we bought our home during the coronavirus pandemic. Follow me on instagram to see how it’s going!

The model home we saw onsite before signing up.

Some of the style options for the home.
our lot! Once you sign they let you take a photo in front!
When they first broke ground!
Getting closer!
The first walk-through and pre-dry wall inspection – critical to our success!
Love notes we wrote to our home
the final product!
we ate our first meal on the floor 🙂

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