the one book that helped me stick to the routine I’d been trying to do for years

Here is my daily morning routine: I wake up, I brush my teeth, drink water, and I stretch.

Dope right? Stretching is critical to maintain my body and mental clarity and something I’ve always wanted to do every day but for years I struggled with consistency.

Now here we are, I wake up and stretch EVERY DAY. It’s not as graceful as the yoga pros but it feels damned good. And the best part is, I just take what I need, every day it’s different and every day I walk away better from it.

How!? I put into practice something I learned from the book Atomic Habits, that is, adding a trigger or giving permission to to one behavior by using another behavior you really like and already do.

For me this was drinking coffee in the morning. I have a cup of coffee EVERY MORNING like a true Cuban lady and I love it. In order to build the habit of stretching every morning I promised myself I would stretch before having coffee. So if I want coffee, I have to stretch. No stretch, no coffee 😳.

Now for 3 months, no matter where I am, I wake up, brush my teeth, drink water and I stretch.

Think it through, maybe there is something you want to get started on. A new year’s resolution you want to commit to. A project, working out, meditation, more self-care! Add a behavior you want to do consistently before a behavior you already do and love and be strict about it. You may be better for it in the end!

Check out Atomic Habits by James Clear NOW if you’re ready for the routine you’ve always dreamed of. It was a game changer for me.

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