global pandemic: day 129

Good morning beautiful,

It’s day 129 of life during a global pandemic. You read the news for raw numbers to be informed not fearful. You have mastered the new way to grocery shop safely and regularly for your family to ensure they are well nourished. Your home isn’t always clean but it’s well kept and you exercise, somehow, someway, you still exercise.

You take pride in the fact that your family has lasted this long without being infected but fully comprehend that that day could still come. You live cloaked in gratitude for the extra time with loved ones but still glisten exhaustion from thoughts of limiting the family potential.

You still put effort towards finding ways to maximize the fun and development. You’re working harder than ever before and secretly, you like it. This person you are now is a survivor. One that if were in a zombie apocalypse movie would be the leader of the pack.

You are everything. And remember, negative and positive thoughts are healthy and come in waves but take good care so that only love makes it to the shore.


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