the panty series: a panty for everything

One day while on a hunt for clean underwear I found myself realizing that I didn’t actually have any. I searched my dresser, scoured the dryer and nothing. I braved it out and searched the dirty laundry mountain and found one old pair which may or may not have had a hole in them. I wasn’t going to wear it! I was just curious.

It dawned on me that all-throughout my pregnancy I either stuck to what I had or bought maternity wear. So here I was with a 12 month old learning that it had been nearly two years since I purchased a panty. I guess I was leaning a little too hard on commando style.

I decided it was time to shop but I had been out of the game for so long I didn’t even know where to start. Victoria’s Secret hadn’t been cool since 2009 and up until this point I had been shopping as I go. After extensive research and going back to a few favorites here is where I netted out!

Hopefully this helps anyone out there trying to start from scratch!

Chilling out @ home

Pact all the way. This was easy because I’ve been lounging around in pact for years – I even got the husband on it. They’re organic, practice fair trade, sustainable and affordable. My go to is the Pact all black boy shorts.


I will go ahead and say it, I prefer commando during workouts but if I do wear underwear I revert back to Pact, classic fit bikini.


I went with the pink lace essential thong. I call these my self-love panties because they are soft, fit really well and make me feel refreshed and dare I say it, sexy! I am definitely committing to Knix long-term. I’ll add that I appreciate how inclusive their marketing is, now more than ever it is important to support brands that welcome all bodies and individuals to contribute. I actually came across Knix on instagram, I hesitated at first but was approached about becoming an ambassador so I decided to give it a try. Much to my resistance and surprise I fell in love.

I put time and energy towards researching what’s best for my family. I share the products I use and love in hopes of sparing someone else the fatigue that comes with decision making. Some of my posts may include affiliate links. In other words, after you click a link, I may earn some coffee ☕️ and wine 🍷 money.I promise to use it as fuel to write more ❤️ .