Hitting The Self Reset Button

Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button. Life catches you off guard and somehow you fall off balance. I’m not talking about weight gain or disagreements but just something happens where you no longer feel like yourself. Blame it on the moon or a Venus retrograde if you must. Either way there are few things I do to help recalibrate my energy and get me back to feeling like my wholesome self.

Take A Roommate Day

In our house we have “roommate days”. A roommate day is a day you are liberated from chores or expectations and are granted permission do nothing, sort of like a lazy roommate. Some days we both take them, other days it’s just one of us. The idea is to take what you need from that free time. If you’re going through something, allow yourself to feel whatever it is that needs to be felt. Take your time to absorb it with awareness and freedom. It helps either identify the problem or at the very least you get to rest without any expectations. On these days stovetop popcorn and Netflix are usually on the agenda.


Our bodies CRAVE nutrients especially during mentally and physically challenging times. I personally start with water with the goal of 100 ounces in one day. It refreshes every part of me and helps feel like I am helping my system circulate. 100 ounces may be overkill for some but it serves as a kickstart into the habit of hydrating regularly for me. I don’t just stop there, I also hydrate my skin with a Burt’s Bees Hydrating Face mask, this is my cost efficient go to. Do what works best for your body!

Make a Potion

Drink ONE green smoothie. Don’t force yourself to replace meals with juice or follow a cleanse. Take a handful of blueberries to let its antioxidants fight depression, spinach to help with digestion, ginger to help with inflammation. Think of ingredients that will serve your body at that moment, drink it and move on. Like a little potion that with one portion can solve it all. I make mine in our Vitamix and share with the whole family.


As my grandmother would say, “le di una limpieza”, don’t just clean but CLEAN! If you haven’t already, or need to again, clean every corner of the house. I am talking doorknobs and borders. Do it while blasting your favorite hype playlist and let that be your workout for the day. I usually cheat and have my irobot roomba helping me in the back but I love her so it counts.


Order something from your favorite charitable organization. This allows you to buy yourself something new without going overboard and at the same time, give back. Align with your values and support something that you’ve ALWAYS been passionate about. It helps keep you grounded when it comes to a personal refresh.

Date Someone You Trust

Connect with someone outside of the norm. A date with the SO is nice but at times like this it’s nice to touch base with someone who you feel like your most vulnerable self with. If no one comes to mind, take five quiet minutes, look in the mirror, take a deep breath, compliment yourself on your favorite feature, smile, wink and blow yourself a little kiss.

Avoid Extremism & Comparison

Actively stay away from diet culture, There are brands spending millions of dollars to entice you when you’re at your worst. Committing to an a restrictive diet without professional guidance in an unstable mindset can result in the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re the type of person who plays the comparison game, stay away from social media. Regardless of what someone else looks like or where they appear to be they are also on a journey and that journey has nothing to do with you.

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