Momming: There’s an app for that!

Our phones can be more than just IG likes and text messages. When it came to baby making, baby baking and baby building my phone became a resource and a big help.


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I was fortunate enough to conceive on the first try but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t prepared. I was tracking ovulation and my body like clockwork using an app called Glow. It’s great for all pregnancy planning routes, including fertility treatments and fertility preservation.



When it came to actually being pregnant I was completely clueless. I had no idea whether or not the babe was an avocado or a kiwi fruit, I didn’t know what changes my body were going through when and despite how simple it seems, I never really knew when the new trimesters started. Pregnancy + app really helped me understand when and what I could expect at my next doctor’s appointments. It gave tips and had blog posts from a community of experts and even had a really cute baby that would grow as time went on. I would check it weekly and really felt informed by it.

Baby Tracking


To be honest, I NEVER thought I would be one to track baby poops unless I ABSOLUTELY had to and yet here we are, me, writing about my favorite poop tracking app with no real reason to do so other than, I just like to know. My favorite thing about the Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log is that it can have multiple caretakers. My husband and I can both easily track diaper changes and feedings on the same list conveniently from our phones. I can’t count how many times i’ve seen paper logs that look exhausting, stressful and always written in one handwriting (moms). This is perfect for coparenting and can be fun too!

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