Trimester 1: Workouts built for me

Everyone is different and everyone’s pregnancy is different. This worked based on my personal experience and permission from my doctor. Please connect with your doctor and a professional trainer on what is best for you prior to trying any new workout regimens. 

I wasn’t always consistent with my gym attendance. I would train for a race here, take a break, run an obstacle course there. I never aspired to be a fitness model or professional athlete so I mostly just balanced it all out with healthy food.

There was something about the age 30 lurking around the corner and the idea that I might at some point want children that motivated me to hire a personal trainer. I started with twice a week and then increased it to three. Three became a habit for me, there are seven days in the week, anyone can find time just three days out of the seven, right?

Once I became pregnant I was genuinely concerned. Would I be too tired to workout? Will morning sickness stand in the way? Would I give in to cravings and instantly gain a million pounds? Will all of my hard work be for nothing? I was fortunate to experience an “easy” pregnancy early on. Cravings were manageable, I understood that I was not eating for two people, I was just eating well. So when it came to fitness I didn’t skip a beat.

I instantly turned the intensity down and kept the momentum going. These were my go-to moves up until week 14. Doing one of these sets three times a week kept me at a healthy weight (I gained 1 lb), kept me feeling confident and strong. These all worked really well for the first semester but I had to make even more adjustments for the second one!


  • DB squats 4×10
  • Curtsy lunges 4×10
  • Lateral step ups 4×10  (each side)
  • Banded clam shells 4×10
  • Glute bridges 4×10
  • 10 minutes cardio


  • DB curl to press 4×10
  • Single arm row 4×10
  • DB hammer curl 4×10
  • 1/2 kneeling DB shoulder press 4×10
  • Bench dips 4×10
  • 20 minutes cardio


  • Cable reverse fly 4×10
  • wide lat pull down 4×10
  • Inverted rows TRX 4×10
  • Deadlift 4×10
  • Assisted pull ups 4×10
  • 10 minutes cardio


  • Close Stance leg press
  • Seated cable row
  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Cable straight arm pull down
  • Dumbell snatch squat
  • 10 minutes cardio

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