5 reasons I retired from ketosis

I would like to start off by saying ketosis is SO COOL. I am happy to report that I did experience weight loss, enhanced focus, spirts of energy and dropped my addiction to sugar. That said, I am throwing in the towel. Here’s why:

1. There are a lot of healthy fats in the world! More than I could have imagined. The issue with this abundance of fat is you sacrifice other nutrients. In an effort to achieve and maintain ketosis I would turn to fat, fill up and no longer desire vegetables. I love veggies! I was in the habit of sacrificing micro nutrients for macro nutrients and it just didn’t feel right.

2. You can lose weight SUPER FAST which is ideal for an overweight individual who is in need of rapid results for health issues. I don’t believe it’s ideal for a healthy individual to drop weight (fat or water) that quickly. Personally I run the risk of gaining it back and ending up in a stage of disappointment.

3. It’s not sustainable for my personal lifestyle and the environment. Every stick of butter on top of piece of meat takes you one step closer to the major issue we are facing with agriculture. I am okay with meat but I’m not okay with being excessive about it.

4. It is limiting. Of all the nutrition experiments, the Keto diet made me feel the most restricted and came along with an obligation, the obligation of increasing fats. This sometimes put me at risk of eating lower quality foods just to meet the fat requirements and that, for me, was a problem.

5. It’s fun to challenge yourself and do something new. Experiment and question the information we’ve learned about nutrition. Ketosis is a thing and it delivers on its promise – my study is complete, it’s time to move on to the next nutrition adventure!

Again, ketosis is cool and it works! But like anything else comes with flaws and for me, the negatives out way the positives.