4 jet lag hacks that will have you walking off feeling brand new

For my first trip to Asia the one thing I was dreading more than the 24 hour travel time was jet lag.  You know, the exhaustion a person feels after a long flight, swollen feet, blocked ears, bad breath and bags under the eyes. I was NOT having it.  not to mention the time adjustment, there was an 11 hour time difference from where I was coming from. My trip was only 7 days long with four full travel days. The last thing I wanted was to waste even more time trying to adjust.

So I did some research, prepped my mind and body and landed both flights saying Beyonce’s oh-so famous line, “I woke up like dis.” Here’s how:

  1. Hydrate like crazy! Flying dehydrates the body, it’s critical to make sure you replenish those fluids.

  1. Compression socks. Sitting for so long can stop circulation and create inflammation in your legs. The right socks can let you walk away like it never happened.

  1. Brush. Pack toothpaste and a toothbrush in your carry on. A good brush session could almost feel as good as a shower.

  1. Pretend like you’re already there. Drink coffee or eat breakfast at the time of the place you’re going, a few hours before your flight. If your flight is at 9am, skip the coffee until it’s 9:00am at the place where you’re going. According to the Harvard Business Review manipulating your feeding clock can help your body reset and feel brand new.

All of the above were things I did that helped me land in Asia feeling BRAND NEW. Safe travels!