Sometimes things end up on your bucket list after the fact.

A bucket list is usually interpreted as a number of experiences an individual wishes to accomplish during their lifetime. Because life is short, there are only but so many items we can have on this list.

Thailand for me, was not one of them. It was however for two of my favorite people. My best friend for the food and my husband for Muay Thai. Although this country was not top of my list, something else that came along with this vacation that I didn’t realize was.

I am for the most part an optimistic person. I want the best for myself and the best for those around me. In motivating others regularly I rarely get to reap the benefits of watching them activate. On this trip, I had the pleasure of watching two people I love do the things that they love. For me, it was a gift I didn’t know I was receiving and an experience that I didn’t know I needed.

In saying yes to something that was outside of my personal desires and interest I received a gift. One that I wouldn’t have been able to articulate or request had it not just presented itself. Sometimes, things end up on your bucket list after the fact.


Just in case Thailand happens to be on your bucket list, here is the itinerary!